Welcome to Option Technologies

Option is a long established Masslam service provider who began trading in 1985. We offer solutions for our customers, if the requirements are for technology, quick-turn or simply capacity issues then we can help. We make small-to-medium quantities of mass-laminated high-tech multilayer panels for PCB manufacturers all over the world. We help our customers to offer higher technology multilayer PCB’s to their customers.

Our approach

We also offer a drilling service. Please note that we can only take responsibility for the registration of drilled holes to inner layers manufactured at Option as it is the only way to guarantee perfect registration. Drilling on single spindle machines gives greater accuracy and fewer variables. We are a modern, sales-driven company. We listen to what our customers want and adapt our offering to suit. We welcome any feedback to contact@option.co.uk from our customers to help us to serve the PCB industry better.

We listen to what our customers say

Option is a very flexible supplier, able to handle quantities from 1 panel in 1 day through to 200+ panels on a standard delivery.
  • From 3 to 40+ layers
  • Min. Line and Space
  • Track and Gap: 0.064mm / 64µm / 0.0025" / 2.5 mils
  • Min Drilled Hole: 0.1mm / 100µm / 0.004" / 4 mils
  • Specialist in ATE Boards (Load Boards, Probe Cards, DUT Boards etc.)
  • Max. Board Thickness: 6.5mm / 0.256"
  • Lead times from 1 day
  • Materials: FR4, High Tg, Polyimide, Rogers & more…

Our global reach

We supply to PCB manufacturers in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, USA, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Israel and the UK.